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theatre, tv, film, voiceover and teaching artist
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Haywire: Webisode Series
"Last but not least, Sullivan and Crane make the perfect couple for the show's romantic focal point; her somewhat skeptical eagerness and his ingratiating behavior (even when trying to put up a rock-hard fašade) are exactly what Nice Guys Finish... needs to elevate it from the everyday to the special. It's impossible not to want these two, and others like them, to succeed and flourish together, something that would suggest there's hope for stronger male-female relations after all."
-Talkin Broadway
"...humorously embodied by Jennifer Crane, the actors all scored with their portrayals."-OOBR
"Jennifer Crane Turner impressed me most in her turn as Caroline in episode 2. Each episode starts with a comic strip setting, which is a hugely original premise and the whole series is glorious in full HD. This is very much one to watch."